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Throne of Night Book One: Dark Frontier $10.00
Publisher: Fire Mountain Games
by Mirko H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/20/2016 02:38:26

Don´t waste your hard earned money on this one. You´ll just end up with 1/3 (provided you´re throwing another 10 bucks out of the window for Book 2 also, else 1/6) of an adventure path. McBride has not produced anything for this AP in over two years (and if you ask me personally the sound of the winds blowing through the smoking ruins of what once was Fire Mountain Games sounds suspiciously like "vaporware, vaporware") and he has refused any communication with people who already payed money to get this AP in his train.wreck of an kickstarter. Don´t support his fraud. You´ll just end up burned as several hundred others already have. Ye have been warned!

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Throne of Night Book One: Dark Frontier
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