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Adventurers! Revised 2Pages Edition $0.00
Publisher: GRAmel
by joel k. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/19/2016 11:02:52

Why 2 and not 5 stars ?

  • Oppostion Rolls, this is boring for me
  • The player guide is rather 6 real pages than the 2 it offers with its actual layout.
  • Advantage/Disadvantage mechanic is mixed with lot of special rules. Also nearly each skills got its own special rules to differentiate (B)asic from (A)dvanced Skill's level. So IMHO, the gamedesign choices are a bit cluncky and too much crunchy (too many rules for this format).

It seems to be a mix between Advanced FightyFantasy (2D6, opposition Roll, Her point) and CypherSystem (3 Stats, A & B skill class).

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Adventurers! Revised 2Pages Edition
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