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Publisher's Choice - Fantasy Character Subscription $299.99 $95.96
Publisher: Fat Goblin Games
by Richard W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/23/2017 03:30:20

I'm a big fan of Rick Hershey's work, and use it extensively in my products. I've already picked up all of the smaller fantasy art packs, and many of them include figure illustrations, which I find to be very versatile pieces (they can be used for archetypes or NPCs, or as general art, and because they don't have a background they don't need to be precisely aligned with the text, which makes the layout work much easier).

This subscription consists entirely of fantasy figure illustrations, and it's slowly filling in the gaps left by Rick's earlier art packs. For example Rick has already released a couple of dwarf packs, but no elves - until now. Similarly, many of the traditional class concepts have been covered in earlier packs, but there was no bard until now.

Overall this is proving to be a very useful addition to my collection (I'm already using five of the pieces in my current project), and I'm looking forward to seeing what gets added next.

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Publisher's Choice - Fantasy Character Subscription
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