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Ghouls: Fatal Addiction
Publisher: White Wolf
by Courtney S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/21/2007 21:26:37

The art is bad, but this is common in White Wolf books of this vintage. The nuts and bolts of the Ghoul condition of this is definately worthwhile. Betther than worth while even. The addiction and the madness are pretty good for the subject matter also. The only flaw here is that (and this is as much ambience as explicit) is that they drag things into BDSM territory in ways that are probably not necessary. This might be to some folks taste, but not to mine, and I think it maybe would have been better to just stick with the whole addiction/cruelty/descent into madness without taking things further.

That being said, the whole BDSM issue really is a book/cover thing, and this should not put off the player that enjoys his/her Old World of Darkness. There is a lot of good and creepy in here.

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Ghouls: Fatal Addiction
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