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URBAN JUNGLE - Anthropomorphic Noir Role-Play
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Publisher: Sanguine Productions
by Ben T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/23/2016 18:33:50

Surpised nobody has written a review for this yet.

A nice, solid update to the Ironclaw system. Combat feels much more lethal then in Ironclaw, given the subject matter I like the trait system, reminds me of the adjective system from Numenera/The Strange/Cypher System, and I think it adds a lot. Skill bloat seems tamed, what you did with SOAK was amazing, effectively adding conditional Deus ex machinas to explain why the shotgun didn't leave you a ragged mess. You need it. The surgery rules where a nice added touch on how deadly the world is, with the surgeons fighting the DM on who finished up the "Life/Death" bar first.

Kind of biting at the bit for the Occult/Lovecraft sourcebook, urban fantasy is my thing, and with the Sci-FI and Horror ones coming up after, this is a system that can only grow!

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URBAN JUNGLE - Anthropomorphic Noir Role-Play
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