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Publisher: Land of NOP LLC
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/18/2016 22:28:34

Ten years since I last rolled a dice in an RPG, and this is the game that's finally lured me back. It takes a setting we all know - sword and sorcery fantansy - and adds a new layer that's smart, creative, and remarkably unique. No other game, that I'm aware of, takes concepts from infosec and cyberwarefare and integrates them more fully and thoughtfully into play. There are elements here of the old cyberpunk hacking and evasion games I cut my teeth on, but there's so much more to Crytpomancer than rolling your 'hacking' skill and hoping for the best. It requires, on a deep level, thinking and planning oriented around modern information security concepts and tradescraft. To my mind, that's what really makes Cryptomancer stand out - it presents a set of challenges that are fresh and unique, and requires solutions that are equally outside the traditional RPG box.

I'll add that the game also gives us a setting filled with tension, danger, and constant second-guessing. Artwork and writing are also excellent. A great buy, and I'm excited to have a reason to start gaming again.

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