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Acirema Dungeons – Player Book $0.00
Publisher: Ironspine
by Graham R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/11/2016 12:17:42

This is a marvellous little game. On the face of it, it appears to be a minimalist fantasy rpg (one of many), but a deeper look reveals this to be a unique game with an atmosphere all of its' own.

The mechanics are very easy, and require simple rolls of a d12 to beat a target number. Characters are represented by a handful of characteristics (a stamina score and a magic points score, with little else). It's worth having a look at a character sheet to get an idea of how minimally characters are represented.

What truly sets the game rules apart are the various oddities and idiosyncracies, including such things as a zombie character class, and the use of spells by nearly every type of character. It's the little details like these that, in my opinion, will appeal to even the most jaded of gamers, assuming they're able to lift their gaze from the numerous retro clones available at the moment.

The translation from Finnish to English is adequate, and although not perfect does not by any means detract from reading the game. In fact, for me it added to the games charm. And speaking of charm, the artwork in the game is splendid; it's quirky and looks somehow 'Scandinavian', if that's not being stereotypical. It adds immensely to the old school feel of the game. This is, I suppose, Finnish style old school (and all the better for it).

This is an example of how fantasy games can be original, and how they can evoke a retro gaming feel without slavishly reproducing those rules.

I recommend this game for experienced players looking for a new perspective, a game that although 'minimalist', is complete and feels sufficiently different to spark the imagination. For players accustomed to modern rpgs, with little experience of games as they were in the 80's, this will no doubt feel alien. I would still recommend it though, it's worth it for the quirkyness. This would be a marvellous game to use with newbie players, it's simple and gets straight into the action.

Highly recommended.

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Acirema Dungeons – Player Book
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