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DRAGONSHIRE: Deluxe Edition $12.99 $9.74
Publisher: Fat Dragon Games
by andrew s. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/08/2016 11:59:58

After getting some printed, these look fantastic! (both my friend and I were impressed) Fat Dragon isn't stingy like some other paper miniature companies. You really can fill a table with a town and have the buildings each look different with just a base set. Or you could make 2 different towns with similar buildings from this set. Lots of variation. Also, their modular system allows for more variation: imagine a 1 story wooden town, vs a towering city 3-4 stories high with buildings built into eachother...

Each tier has a floor (you can lift off the tiers above it), and there is a stack of foor layouts that can be dropped into place to make walls and stairs specific. You could also lay out the additional floors and play on them as if inside and skip pulling off the top of the building. Versatile

Other notes: this set is Not a fold-flat set. That means that some of the peices will stack, but building a whole town will deconstruct to a couple paper boxes full. I'm going to play with trying to make it fold flat by adding a slot and tab to just the main building tiers.

also, the instructions for the alignment feet (for putting a layer on top another) are hard to follow. Fold them like a W, then glue the outer sides in, leaving you with a corner/90deg. The thick sides go on the underside of the higher tier, so that the part that sticks down is as far inward as possible (so it drops in rather than hitting the edge). if you have problems with them hitting, just bend/mash then inward a little. (I added a long tab on 2 opposite ends for the roof pieces, then bent the tab aggressively inward. it works well)

If you have never done pape terrain, it isn't 'free' and it isn't instant. The main advantages are wieght, space (esp fold flat), quick immersion (don't have to paint each one), and lower cost: can fill a whole table for around $100 total cost vs plastic hundreds. office depot costs about 75cents per page on businesscard stock (.62 paper and .13 for printing it). Approx cost at office dept: $6-7 per 2 story building. I expect that to be MUCH cheaper on my printer (non streaking ink).

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DRAGONSHIRE: Deluxe Edition
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