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High Psionics: Countermeasures $2.50 $1.63
Publisher: Dreamscarred Press
by ja k. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/12/2007 02:10:49

Countermeasures offers plenty of anti-psionics for both those of the mind and non-psionic characters. It includes an interesting background that can be easily discarded if the flavor doesn’t taste right. And besides the various psionic items, poisons, and creatures are a few feats and the psychic disruptor. Overall it gave the feel of cursed psionic items, but it all tied together very well for a wide variety of uses. The Fellowship of Freedom has one agenda, eliminate those with psionic ability. The only way a psionic being may avoid their wrath is to join the order in eliminating psionicists. However, the deep hatred of psionic creatures held by all members of the order forces its leaders to keep this most powerful weapon secret. A host of psionic items are included to combat psionic creatures, with only a few useable against non-psionic creatures. However, these items could easily be adapted for other uses, such as a dominating villain powering his abilities through his captives. The feats range from countering powers, disrupting manifesters more effectively, to trapping psionic items for their next use. An interesting feat, Resonating Interference inhibits the ability to expend or gain psionic focus. Obviously, the poisons and creatures are mostly designed to inhibit psionic characters (considering Brain Mole oil doesn’t even affect non-psionic characters). My particular favorite is the tape worm, since it burrows into the flesh and feeds on power points; particularly nasty to get out by mundane methods. In addition, a sidebar was included explaining how to adapt these various items to spellcasters if the psionic-magic transparency rule exists. Then there is what I consider the crowning touch of this supplement, the psychic disruptor. Essentially a psychic disruptor is a walking null psionics field, but gains a few other abilities as well. Damage and attack bonuses against psionic creatures, power resistance, and the ability to attack character’s manifesting score make for a well-rounded psion killer. The capstone ability enables a psychic disruptor to put a null psionics effect on one creature for a full hour, but it has its drawbacks. Really, there isn’t a lot to be said about Countermeasures that isn’t self-explanatory. It delivers on its promise of anti-psionic content very well. Blending non-psionic as well as psionic measures in a sound fashion, this is a great addition for any campaign including psionics.

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High Psionics: Countermeasures
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