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MajiMonsters: The Monster-Catching Role-playing Game $34.99 $10.50
Publisher: Late Knight Games
by Jerry M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/25/2016 18:05:24

Like Kevin I participated in Kickstarting the game and watched it's updates. Sadly I missed out on the chance to playtest it. For the last few days though I've been going over the book and even created a character just to see how hard it was. It's not. It was slow at first because it was a new system, but the more I look at it the quicker I expect it to go.

I've tried to make game nights using other systems for very similar types of play, but this is the first game I've ever seen that does it perfectly. If you want to represent any kind of game where you control monsters, this is the one to use.

Without a shadow of a doubt this system is well made, well thought out, and just plain fun. I look forward to running MajiMonster games for my friends and even my nieces.

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MajiMonsters: The Monster-Catching Role-playing Game
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