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The Escalated Barbarian $2.95
Publisher: DASTOW Games
by Denis F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/15/2016 04:17:44

There are some nice ideas in there, but overall it seems a bit unfinished to me. Some talents are nice to have and the furies area a pretty cool idea. The quick NPCs are almost too detailed for me, but anyone who likes playing their NPCs with PC stats may be happy.

The interior layout can't keep up with the cover, it's just basic text with no pictures at all. There are even comments (from proofreading?) left in the final file. The points of the comments haven't even been corrected. For example one comment points out that "second wind" is "still an old name" but the error is still in there.

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The Escalated Barbarian
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