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Tangible Taverns: The Delectable Dragonfly (A Tea House Twist) (PFRPG) $2.00
Publisher: Dire Rugrat Publishing
by Ismael A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/07/2016 15:23:56

Disclaimer: I received a review copy. Also, I have replicated most of my review for the 5e version of this product, but I find that most of the same points apply, and have changed what I felt appropriate.

This product covers another establishment for use in your Pathfinder games, but is not a tavern. It is a tea house, and Dire Rugrat has done a wonderful job of contrasting it to their taverns, showing that they are amazingly adept at creating distinct locations, as they have in the past.

I am happy to say that the art is improving with each successive product, which makes me very happy. The portraits to an excelleny job of setting the tone and giving a thorough impressing of the characters. It makes mw want more portraits to get a better feel for the other characters. I look forward to seeing it get even better!

The rules are very well represented, and there is a good bevvy of new rules information that make this book interesting to dive into. Look to the appendix to see unique character options that help round out the equally unique NPCs in this book.

The teahouse itslef is very fleshed out and feels organic, as I've come to expect. The NPCs are all interconnected, and it is a pleasure to read through the book to discover the social web that has been woven. I don't ever feel like anything is extraneous or meant to fill space. I especially like Arradeth, and her portrait. Everything about her really sets the tone. Really, the way that the NPCs were presented as whole and intricate people was what made me so happy with this book.

As with any of Dire Rugrat product, I always enjoy how the entire story unfolds as I read through the whole book, setting up an excellent narrative that makes the entire book relevant and interesting. The teahouse has an amazing depth, and any number of city adventures can begin and end with the teahouse as an excellent set piece.

My only quiblle is that I wish for more ways that players could interact with this teahouse other than either being an all girl group, letting the focus fall on female characters, or the old "man in disguise" trick. There is a lot about this tea house that is compelling, and it would be neat to figure out more ways to put it to use. The fact that men are not allowed is interesting, and presents a unique obstacle, but simply requires a little more GM magic to make sure that the players enjoy everything that the teahouse has to offer to a group of adventurers.

I give this product a very well deserved 5 out of 5, and my royal seal.

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Tangible Taverns: The Delectable Dragonfly (A Tea House Twist) (PFRPG)
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