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Publisher: Samardan Press
by Paul E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/07/2016 02:25:14

A tour de force piece of work from Jason Kemp, the Cepheus Engine is an outstanding recreation of the Mongoose Traveller 1st edition rules, building from the Traveller System Reference Document and other Open Gaming Content made available by the Open Gaming License, yet it does not contain copyrighted material (references to Traveller and the Traveller universe) from products published by Mongoose Publishing. This means it is a fabulous Traveller tool-kit with the serial numbers filed off that I can twist, build and manipulate into my own universe. Wasn't this what the intention of the Little Black Books was back in 1977? In that way it feels like going back to Starter Traveller or the original LBBs, but with all of the rules clean up and logical rewrites of a modern game system. Since I'm a LBB guy through and through and through, the Cepheus Engine presses all my buttons!

Do you need this? Yes! If you play first edition Mongoose Traveller, the CE is a setting free version (that you can modify and print 0- it comes in a Word.doc). If you player Classic TRaveller, this has all of that atmosphere but gives Classic a logical reorganisation, with a systematic task resolution and faster-play combat rules.

I recommend this game!

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Cepheus Engine System Reference Document
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