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Shadowrun: Court of Shadows $49.99 $24.99
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
by dan t. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/05/2016 11:39:29

This book cannot decide if it’s a supplement or an alternative setting and as such it fails at both.

The book provides a good overview of the court its self but nothing on the rest of the metaplane.

There is nothing at all on playing a character from this setting in the book: No advice on character gen for this setting. No archetypes suitable to the setting. No local Fae races. No life path options. No setting related qualities.

There are some rules on bringing characters in to the court from a traditional SR5 game. Your weapons transform in to setting appropriate slings, bows and crossbows that still use the same skills stats and mods. Your cyber ware looks more steam punk but functions the same and the wireless bonuses still work even though there is no matrix here. Some other gear translates to like maglock passkeys turn into a fancy skeleton key.

Riggers are given the ability to control animals; “the gifts and technologies used by riggers become a quasi-mystical connection to the animals or paracritters of the area.” A list of animal parallels for vehicles and drones are given.

Deckers are given the ability to hack the minds of people being used to store others memories.

No clarity is given on magic use in this metaplane: No background count or aspect information. No information on if there is an astral plane linked to the metaplane.
No information on spirit summoning in the fae metaplane.

The layout and presentation of the book is great and the art work is first rate although much of it isn’t relevant to the book. A lot show guns that the book states would look like crossbows. Also cyberware is shown without the expected steam punk look. I would have liked to have seen pictures of all the fae race common to the court.

So, it’s a well presented book that starts off well, gives a good overview and has the usual well written short stories. Sadly it is let down by poor rules and missing information and a lack of depth to the setting. There is not enough information to run it as a standalone alternate setting or enough information on the interaction of the court with the material plane to make this a useful extension of the main shadowrun game. Not worth the price.

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Shadowrun: Court of Shadows
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