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Spirit of the Season
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Publisher: Evil Hat Productions, LLC
by Myron B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/27/2016 21:30:51

Spirit of the Season is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek supplement for the Spirit of the Century game. Don't get me wrong its well done, and more than a little fun, but turning Santa into a gadgeteering pulp hero is a bit out of the ordinary.

The booklet provides a nice selection of Christmas and Hanukkah-themed characters. Nick Saint, for example, is assisted by his Reindeer Men—each of whom is written up a playable character.

If the book has a weakness, its that most people are only going to be interested in its theme once a year. Even so its a fun addition to SotC and at a bargain price to boot!

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Spirit of the Season
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