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V20 Ready Made Characters $4.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Charles P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/19/2016 07:16:24

I picked up this from RPGnow and decided to give it a review. It's thirteen Neonates, one from every clan, with suggestions for using them as NPCs or player characters. Also, how they might get along. I was originally going to give this one a pass but decided since it was only five dollars for the PDF to pick it up. I was surprised to see it had a "Coterie Chart" in the pack for making these characters interact and I have to say I approve. I loved those in Chicago by Night. I also noted there were some decent adventure hooks in the back of the book but was disappointed they were generic rather than tied to specific characters.

The characters all very much feel like Post-Revised which is trying a little too hard to be serious in my opinion. I generally prefer my vampires to be a little bit exaggerated in their behavior so my favorite of the 13 were the Scottish Giovanni football couch (which I will have far too much fun doing the outrageous accent of--based on my grandfather no less), the MMA fighter killed in the ring by the Sabbat, and the Pre-WW2 Jewish girl who torpored through the Holocaust.

The latter is just a serious actual character and one with a lot of potential for drama as well as good RPGing. I'll also probably use the Ventrue PC as she has a very easy to use job (she's a fence), has an interesting backstory (parted from her lesbian fiance by the embrace), and the PCs can probably regain a point of Humanity by reuniting them right before things go horribly wrong.

I also give credit for 'Tzimisce Veterinarian.' as a concept.

There's a couple of other interesting ideas in the book as well, including a member of the Giovanni family embraced by a member of the Lasombra who is more interested in his mortal family than his parent one. Also, a Toreador embracing a Dadaist is an inherently interesting idea because Dadaism is an inherent rejection of the concept of art. It's basically like the Tremere embracing someone who hates the concept of magic and finds it stupid.

Plus a Ravnos Lawyer.

Overall, I recommend this book and think you'll probably get your five bucks worth with at least some of the book. Certainly, it can be used to pad out the Kindred of a city if you don't feel your homebrew city is populated by enough Kindred to just causally interact with.


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V20 Ready Made Characters
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