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Publisher: LakeSide Games
by Customer Name Withheld [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/08/2016 04:36:31

I absolutely love Prowlers & Paragons! The choice of shifting focus from effect based, "fat loot" and complex rules to a very simple and streamlined base which instead focuses on the narration of the game, is just brilliant. The system works by integrating the players into the storytelling, in Prowlers & Paragons it's not just your GM who does the talking, and it’s awesome!

All in all, I very much recommend this game to people who would like to try something different with focus being on the roleplaying.

I've played a few sessions now and my players loved it. It took some time getting used to but we all feel that we're getting better and better at it. Embellishments are the hardest, by far. As I said, we all found that we were getting better and better at it, but even so, I would have liked some examples in the book for a few different scenarios, just to make the transition from regular pen and paper roleplaying games to this one a little bit easier.

Character creation is excellent, it’s quick and expansive without overburdening new players and GMs. The creators have made some Quick Start Heroes, which help get the imagination going for new players who get overwhelmed with the idea of creating their own unique hero. I found these to be good, with some exceptions, which I write about in my review of Prowlers & Paragons Freebies Bundle. I love that when the players are finalizing their characters they get to make up details about other players’ characters. This builds a tight team and really gets the creativity going!

Rule-wise the Core Rulebook covers just about everything you could want. It also has a great section for GMs who need help creating settings, adventures and the like. The only thing I am missing here is a short introduction to the world the game is set to play out in. Why are there superheroes? As a GM I can create my own reasons but I would have loved to know more from the developers themselves. Gear in the game works well, they give a bonus to certain skills but are not necessary if you don’t want them.

Combat is quick and easy to understand. The ability to use Resolve to use your own powers in a creative way is awesome. I had a player use his rocket-fist attack as a grappling hook and there was no need to look through tons of different rules and role fourteen different dice. He just paid one Resolve and rolled two fewer d6s. That's it. In the end I created a cheat-sheet for the different ways you can earn and spend Resolve, which helped my players a lot, so I recommend this to people who are starting playing the game. Putting the player in charge of their own character’s Flaws is great, although it takes some getting used to. I feel that the GM has a big responsibility here to get the idea going, but once it did, my players made great use of it.

The premade adventure is good. It gets right into the action and leaves quite a few plot hooks for future adventures. It gives you a lot of opportunities to create funny moments and introduce the players to the system. But maybe, just maybe, the start of the adventure is a little too… intense to allow the players to get to know the system right of the bat. It starts with several different characters involved in one combat scenario, where three groups have different agendas and the players are right in the middle of it all. In the end, it worked out fine, but if your players are new to roleplaying in general, I think I would recommend you to try a test combat first, outside of the adventure, just to get the core mechanics and concepts in place.

Prowlers & Paragons is a game that deserves much bigger credit than it has gotten so far. It deserves to be talked about, tested and played. It’s just that good.

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Prowlers & Paragons Core Rules
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