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Terror in Freeport Revised $6.95
Publisher: Green Ronin
par Chris G. [Critique vedette] Date Ajoutée: 06/24/2007 00:00:00

Adventures are sometimes a tough thing to follow. The writer has what they feel to be a good linear set of encounters that should move the plot along, but as can happen the players make a critical turn that the module does not cover. No one can predict what players will do, something they can be anticipated but with the creativity of players sooner or later they just go off the map. This is one of the great and challenging things about role playing games. Terror of Freeport is a module, the second in fact in the Freeport module line. It handles some of these problems in a very interesting way.

Terror of Freeport is the second in the Freeport modules series. It is designed for second to fifth level characters. It was first released in the early months of d20 but has now been fully revised to use the 3.5 rules. It is also released only as a PDF. The layout and art are all up to Green Ronin?s high standards. The book is very well book marked and has the same consistent look of many of Green Ronin?s products. The book is forty eight pages long and the file is not that big to be a concern.

Terror of Freeport picks up a month after Death in Freeport. While the first module is not needed for this one, it is highly recommended. The module seems to assume the first one has been done however. A clever DM could bring the characters up to date with the happenings of the city through rumors and other ways or just have the players get involved in these plots at a middle point. It would be more challenging for both players and DM but it can be done.

This module has a lot more going on for ity then the first. It makes a nice addition and ups the complexity level enough to really make it interesting. One of the great things this module does is have little sidebars about what is really going on. This can allow a DM to have players that do things unexpected but still have the module go on. The little bits do a nice job of explaining the under lining plot and the DM can follow that and then have events the PCs do just reflect this. Obviously, it will still be more work and more challenging for a DM then if the players just follow the module, but it is not hopeless if they do not.

As the module takes place in Freeport it is interesting to see the city slowly getting fleshed out in them. At this point many people will have read or seen parts of the Freeport City book, but even without those later published Freeport books the module is easy to run. Those other books can be used with great efficiency to make the city come even more alive and to create other side problems if the DM thinks such additions will be beneficial.

The module is a good bit of investigation as well as some problem solving. There are more encounters and battle in this module then the last as well. There are some very good handouts and NPCs provided. The module is nice and complete even having three really good adventure seeds to keep the players busy before taking on the next module in the series, Madness at Freeport.

It is really nice to see some really good early products being upgraded and re-released for people to enjoy again or for the first time. Freeport has proven to be a popular setting and with these PDFs new people can also take advantage of some of the best early products in d20. The Freeport Modules have become some of the early classics of the d20 era and now no one has to miss out on them.<br><br><b>QUALITY</b>: Very Good<br><br><b>VALUE</b>: Satisfied<br>

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Terror in Freeport Revised
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