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Thrilling Tales 2nd Edition (Savage Worlds)
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Publisher: Adamant Entertainment
by Chet C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/02/2016 14:08:27

I didn't review this book back when I purchased it when it first appeared - both the D20 version and this SW version?? Shame on me! I know I did contact the author-designer, because this is (I need large fonts for this.)


It's not that the first version wasn't well done, it's that the D20 system didn't lend itself to a rollicking, knock-down drag 'em out the door type of session that the pulp genre needs. Great example in fiction: Archie Goodwin gets fed up with an obnoxious visitor to Wolfe's office, and literally knocks him down and drags him out the door by his heels. That could take up to a half hour with D20; with SW it's over almost before it starts - leaving other PCs and players wondering "Wha' happened??"

The supporting material for Thrilling Tales is just as exciting as that scene, and the "rules" (Be prepared for a set of rules which tell you that the adventure is MUCH more important than looking up rules.) can keep your players hanging on by their fingernails. It adapts well to every pulp genre I tried (even westerns, but especially Cousins of Cthulhu) and deserves wider use.

For a time, Adamant was able to include chapters of ollllld serial cliffhangers, to really get your players in the mood. Most of the old classics are available in the public domain -- I recommend you put them to use. And steal from them most boldly!

At less than $10, it's a ridiculously cheap bargain.

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Thrilling Tales 2nd Edition (Savage Worlds)
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