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Frontier Explorer - Issue 16 Pay What You Want
Publisher: Frontier Explorer
by anon y. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/21/2016 10:00:54

Another great issue from the folks I have come to think of as "the Toms" and the still-vibrant Star Frontiers community. If this is your first issue and you're wondering if this is pre- or post-Zebulon's Guide material... it's kind of both, and most of any issue is relevant either way. The comics, artwork, and fiction is all good enough to stand on its own, even if you're not a player- if the Dralasite jokes go over your head, you're probably short and have three legs anyway.

This time around, a new(ish) race, new gear & weapons, a new megacorp, and new vehicles. Campaign tips, a book review, and cultural expansions round things out. Stuff like this is why Star Frontiers isn't just another nostalgia RPG. It's alive, and relevant, and still a heck of a lot of fun after all these years. Grab the back issues while you're here!

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Frontier Explorer - Issue 16
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