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OGL Steampunk
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Publisher: Mongoose
by Mark L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/09/2016 15:28:34

I took advantage of a price reduction on this title since I'm working on adding some steampunk technology to a game in a fantasy setting.

The information provided is extensive, filling up a 300+ page book with a variety of characters, options, mechs and such to keep any fan of the theme happy while creating and designing various PCs and equipment for a campaign. The contents are well organized and easy to understand.

The only thing that disappointed me was an issue with the geration of the pdf that appears to have prevented many of the graphics from being included on the pages. Large sections of some pages are blank, outlined by text in a way that the reader can tell some type of graphic is intended to be placed there. The missing graphics don't detract from the information provided, but I'd be interested to see the images that are missing, if only to support the descriptions outlining those areas.

The ideas presented in the book will be handy in adding steampunk elements to any existing setting in addition to setting up and running a game solely based on the contents.

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OGL Steampunk
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