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Fantaji Universal Role-Playing Game $12.99
Publisher: Anthropos Games
by Chris P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/24/2016 20:49:56

I backed the game on Kickstarter. I really enjoy how the game takes some of the best parts of Wushu, and Fate and combines them in a smart way. The game rewards moving the story forward, playing to the traits of your character, and playing to the theme(s) set by the judge.

The system is universal, but does anime, and fantasy very well. That said, you can use it with almost any setting or genre you can think of.

The main mechanic involves rolling d10s. Roll 1 of them to CHECK a trait - describe your action, and then the Judge will assign a difficulty number (3, 5, or 8). If you beat it, you can create a condition, or add a drama token (effectively an extra dice that can also be used to power your special abilities.) The other main action is to CHALLENGE an obstacle. Describe your action, and roll 1d10 + 1d10 per trait or theme you play to. In responce, the obstacle can describe their action and roll d10s.

Anything can be an obstacle - another PC, a monster, a lock that you are trying to pick, a crowd of paniced theater attendeeds, etc. That's what makes the system so flexible.

If you are interested in something different, give it a spin you won't be disappointed.

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Fantaji Universal Role-Playing Game
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