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Aspect Cards (Master Deck) $5.99
Publisher: Sune Nodskou
by john r. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/19/2016 16:58:02

From the title I was expecting that this deck was for use with FATE... I was wrong, from the attack and defense cards I noted matches with SAVAGE world's system. While these cards are nice quality and certainly could be useful I would have expected a brief explaination of what they were, and some direction on their use would be really a help. Note also there is only 1 of each attack term like bullcharge and defense like sidestepping but each has about 6 blanks so I suppose you could use with a group instructions would have helped here.

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Creator Reply:
Hi John!

Thank you very much for your comment. The cards are certainly for Fate, as they are a quick and dirty way of finding an aspect to create in the heat of battle. I\'m not very familiar with Savage, but are very happy to hear, that you can use the cards for that system also.

The Master Deck is made for GM\'s, with more cards than the Player\'s Deck. Master\'s or Player\'s Deck are both meant for a single player. Thats why there\'s only one card of each type, as the character (probably) can only do one action per round.

Regarding some instructions, I was a bit uncertain, whether it was necessary or not and decided to skip it. But I will rethink the instructions again.

I\'ll give you a brief instruction here:

1. Instead of the usual attack or defense choice in combat, choose \"create an aspect\" instead. For the sake of flavor.
2. Choose a suitable \"attack\" or \"defense\" card from the deck. (Or invent your own.)
3. Done.

In case you find a returning aspect, that you especially like, make it part of your personal \"arsenal\" by writing it on one of the blanks.

I really hope the above helps you out, and that it might make you rethink your rating of my product.

Best regards,

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Aspect Cards (Master Deck)
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