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Act Ten Core Rules
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Publisher: Act Ten Game Studio
by Jeff C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/04/2016 00:54:18

It's got nice art. The layout is really bright and a bit over-done to the point where it begins to detract from the text and becomes distracting. I give it big points for marketing and presentation. However, I think it seriously lacks substance. Another thing that didn't work for me was that there was a lot of large print text. To me, that says you were hurting for actual content.

The system itself spends way too much effort attempting to focus on overblown simple mechanics. This is not a solid system and needs a lot of polish and a lot more content to really be worth the price tag. It needs a better-defined skill set, combat rules, vehicle rules and some notion of whether this is supposed to be a generic game or some sort of cyberpunk-esque thing. The Division setting needs a lot more details and specifics before I would consider it to be a solid setting.

The other factor I felt really detracted from Act 10 is the author constantly inserting personal opinions and oddball comments throughout the book. I felt like I was reading the design notes more than an actual full-fledged game. I'm all happy that Kickstarter was responsible for this game's initial success. I'm glad I didn't back it. I want a solid game system instead of a lot of crazy graphics big text and designer notes.

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Creator Reply:
Sorry to hear that you weren\'t happy with the game. This was my first book, so while I\'m proud of actually getting it done, I won\'t deny it\'s got a few problems. I\'d love to hear more of your thoughts so that I can try to avoid some of the \"design note\" pitfalls in the future. If you\'re willing to talk, you can e-mail me at:

I\'m fixing a few of these problems in my next book, like text size, formatting, and art. My next book will also have a more in depth setting as well. Once I get back to work on this project, I\'ll be planning on fixing things up on this book as well (by way of a second edition). This book was a labor of love, and I\'m hoping with some revisions it ends up being a better version of itself. I will say we have a blast playing it though, and problems aside I think there is a great game in there :)

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Act Ten Core Rules
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