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Robert E. Howards CONAN Roleplaying Game Quickstart $0.00
Publisher: Modiphius
by Glenn F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/21/2018 15:39:17

Take a long hard look at this game - it's got a great deal of promise.

A neat stat and skill based system with a 2(or more)d20 resolution mechanic that cleverly folds in special effects and varying success alongside levels of skill mastery and raw talent.

Armour and basic defences soak damage and circumstances increase difficulty. Effects add unique outcomes for different weapons and will work the same for spells.

Momentum is a group based mechnic that replaces your usual 'special' or 'critical' successes and can be shared with other players interchangeably with combat and non-combat skills.

Fortune are powerful 'Luck Points' and 'Doom' - Doom is something you buy for extra oomph when you need it, that the GM can spend later to fuel changes in circumstances or enemy spells (sorcery is nasty - just like the books).

DISCLAIMER: The above detail isn't designed to give you a pocket guide to the system, it's designed to make you ask the kinds of question that will lead you to the pages of the Quickstart, and hopefully, to a game run with them.

Only then will you understand what I've said, and a lot more besides.

Conan is shaping up to be a well-researched 'true telling' of the world as originally envisioned, and is supported by a rules system that suits it well. If you read elsewhere that the 'Doom' mechnic 'ruins' the game, do yourself the favour of ignoring the 'doom-mongers' (ironic yes?) and trying it out yourself. I don't think most people critiquing it bothered to actually play...

An elegant system and THE Swords and Sorcery world as a combo deal. What more can you ask for?

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Robert E. Howards CONAN Roleplaying Game Quickstart
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