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Ponyfinder - Campaign Setting $19.99
Publisher: Silver Games LLC
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/27/2016 10:18:05

I was never really a fan of "ponies," but I backed Ponyfinder for a couple of reasons originally 1) my late wife wanted to play ponies (as she was a fan of some tv show :D) and 2) I thought what a great way to get young girls to play (along with their parents, as I think it should be showed that it is an all inclusive hobby) at conventions. I run Ponyfinder at local conventions most of the time (unless I am just going for the day and then Im just in an out). I also have a regular game I play at home. This setting has gotten me to back my currently one and only Patreon, the one being run by David Silver. I continue to play this setting because not only am I having fun with it, but so are the players. We laugh and have a good time, like a game should be in my opinion. This is definately one of the better settings out there, even though I was reluctant at first, David Silver has totally drawn me into the world of Everglow.

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Ponyfinder - Campaign Setting
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