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Publisher: Ginger Goat
by William P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/12/2016 03:14:12

I disagree with that general statement of the previous review. You're paying for the experience of playing the game, not reading it. If you paid $10 for a movie ticket to a kind of shitty movie that was 3 hours long and then paid $10 for a very well made hour and a half comedy you wouldn't disparage the good movie because it was short; you would rate them based on their quality. Now the game might be slightly overpriced based on it's quality but at least it seems interesting. This is very much a micro-game, it's only about a page of text and the whole game is meant to be played by two players in 20 min but if you can convince someone to play this with you it's pretty cool. It probably deserves about 3.7/5 but to counteract the jerk review I rated it 5/5 and I suggest you do the same if you buy it.

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