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Publisher: As If Productions
by Jacob R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/01/2016 00:48:29

Golden Age Adventures is a must-have if you plan on running Daytrippers, but it would also be handy in running games using The Strange, Numenera, and of the PbtA games or several others. The main focus is showing you how to plot an adventure. You get 16 stories from classic authors, including H. Beam Piper, Poul Anderson, Philip K. Dick, Jack Vance and Harry Harrison. Each of the stories gets a write-up to help you run adventures based on it.

Where the book shines even more is that it not only gives you premade adventures, but also the tools to plot out your own stories (in a very logical and easy-to-follow manner). The specific stories give you a feel for what the As If team was striving for when they created the game.

This is a fantastic addition to any gamelibrary. You can adapt its material to multiple genres and games (there are even conversion notes in the back!). As a matter of full disclosure, I received a comp copy of this book for the purposes of a review.

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Golden Age Adventures
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