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White Star Companion [Swords & Wizardry] Pay What You Want
Publisher: Gallant Knight Games
by Reese L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/29/2016 15:13:37

Nice addition to my WS library. There are other third party products available that offer some of what is included here, but it's nice to see more from the publisher himself. Many of the 3PP offerings take the game in other sci-fi directions, but this brings more content that is obviously Star Wars inspired - bounty hunters, Ewoks, AT-ATs and so on. Love it!

I do see some typos and errors here and there, but like WS Core, I expect those to be fixed over time and teh PDF updated. James is a boss like that.

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White Star Companion [Swords & Wizardry]
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