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Dungeon Crawl Classics #11: The Dragonfiend Pact
Publisher: Goodman Games
by Chris G. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/22/2007 00:00:00

Nothing harder then starting the first after Gen Con review. But luckily I prepared for it and had a really fun product in mind to get me back into the review swing of thing. It is an adventure, and a fun one that is easy to insert into an existing campaign. That is exactly what I did. I did a bit of foreshadow but not too much as it is a low level module but the set up was easy. Adventures are one of the most useful things on the market and it is a shame they do not sale well. But Goodman Games I think it making the adventures people want to buy and play. They have many others that are like this one, easy to use, highly creative, and challenging. That is pretty muxch everything I want from a module.

The Dragonfiend Pact is an adventure for second level characters by Goodman Games. Goodman Games has this brilliant line of adventures called Dungeon Crawl Classics of which this is the eleventh in the series. The modules are all designed like the old style great adventures of first edition. They have really captured the feel and creativeness of them and possible most importantly the look. The blue colored maps seem to be the exact shade of the old maps that lots of us grew up with. The modules is written by Chris Doyle who?s name I have seen on a few other things and he seems like an up and comer in the industry. One of the nice things about the module is the size as it is only sixteen pages long. The best thing though is the two dollar price tag. I am not one to usually mention price, but a module this cheap there is no excuse not to own three.

The adventure is for low level characters and starts in a town like so many others. The town is not detailed as the adventure starts with the party going down the well. This is my one and only complaint about the module. I would have preferred a bit of a mystery allowing the characters to follow some clues and find their way to the well instead of just starting there. This is change though is simple to do and it is what I did when I ran the module. The modules for me made complete sense. There were no encounters that made me wonder why this creature was there or parts that made no sense. There are traps but the text shows why they are there and again it makes sense for there to be traps but also in the placements of the traps. I am pleased to say that the traps work very well catching most of my players each time.

Some spoilers as I do not want to give way the whole module here, but there was one other thing I did change. One of the adversaries is a lycanthrope and I did not want to deal with characters getting the disease in my campaign so I altered him out. This affected the back story some but I was able to fill in the holes and move the story along with in an existing campaign. That was one thing that really impressed me with the module. I was able to use what they provided and fill and a few things here and there to make is fit seamlessly in my own campaign .

It is a fun little module filled with some small creatures that really prove size matters. It has creative encounters and fun potential. Actually while I have yet to get all the Dungeon Crawl Classics I really have not been disappointed in what I have seen at all. This seems a really good line of books to collect and own. Goodman Games really has a hit product line on their hands here.<br><br><b>QUALITY</b>: Very Good<br><br><b>VALUE</b>: Satisfied<br>

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Dungeon Crawl Classics #11: The Dragonfiend Pact
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