Legends & Lairs: Draconic Lore
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par Chris G. [Critique vedette] Date Ajoutée: 01/22/2007 00:00:00

Draconic Lore is best described as a Bestiary of Draconic Creatures. That what it says on the cover of the book and they are not wrong. Inside one will find all sorts of Dragons from the big, mean, and evil to the small, cute, and tamable. The books is softbound, 64 pages in length, and costs $14.95. The layout and tables are very nice. Some of the creatures are written up as the like traditional dragons with the twelve age categories, while others of these are written as more traditional monsters. The art in this book is mostly very good. It?s all black and white but I many have a texture about them and are action picks. My favorite is on page nineteen. It is a picture of the Dragonshark chasing a sperm whale. Least I think it?s a sperm whale, it is rather small compared to the colossal Dragonshark.

There are fourteen new dragons that are written up in the twelve age categories way that is seen in the Monster Manual. These dragons vary in abilities like the acid and toxic nature of the Bile Dragon to the blind and sonic abilities of the Cavern Dragon. There are aquatic dragons like the Oceanic and Reef Dragons as well the fire types of the Molten and Rift dragon. Then there are the just plain super tough ones like the Dire and Wild Dragons. The most frightening though is the Chthonian Dragon. They are psionic in nature and have a mindblast instead of a breath weapon. They have tentacles that can reach a long way and picture really makes these guys look scary.

Then there are ten dragon creatures written up like standard monsters. There is the Dragonshark, an eating machine that prowls the oceans. The skulking dragon that is man sized yet hunts in packs. The Tome Lizard that seeks out books to eat and nest in. They can also become a Wizard?s familiar. There is also the waste runner, a draconic creature that is native to the dessert and domesticated by people there to use as mounts.

Then there are the drakes. Drakes have four different age categories and they are a lesser form of dragon. Many of the types are domesticated by humans and other races. There are courier drakes, guardian drakes, planar drakes, scour drakes, and watcher drakes. Many of them would make a good companion to an adventuring party.

There is one dragon template in the book, the Revenant template. This template is used for a dragon that died defending eggs or in some way as to cause the dragon to want revenge even after it has died. The template give some impressive abilities like fast healing and new breath weapon as well as the usually undead abilities.

I really like the dragons in this book, my one complaint is to many evil ones. I understand the need to have creatures that rampage the country side, but I could do with more then one good dragon out of the whole bunch. There are plenty of challenges from CR ? to CR 25 and there are table organizing the creatures by challenge rating for ease of use. So, the bottom line is if one is in need of a wide variety of new dragons, this book is what one is looking for.<br><br><b>QUALITY</b>: Very Good<br><br><b>VALUE</b>: Satisfied<br>

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Legends & Lairs: Draconic Lore
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