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Monster of the Week $12.00
Publisher: Evil Hat Productions, LLC
by William C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/17/2016 14:31:04

Why should you pick this game up?

  • It is a game built on the Apocolpyse World Engine. Roll 2D6 plus your stat. On 6 or less something bad happens and plot moves forward. 7-9 Something good and bad happens. 10+ Tell the GM just how great things went.
  • In this game if you fail a roll, you get a point of xp. Yep. Even if something goes horribly wrong because of your failed roll, there is still a silver lining to that cloud. It encourages players to try approaches to situtaitons that don't rely on clinging desperately to one's most powerful stat.
  • This game lets you step into the Dresden Files, Buffy, Supernatural, Mercy Thompson, the X-Files, The Nightside and a myriad other worlds of Urban Fantasy, Weird West and Weird Science. You can quickly build a fun quirky one-shot or craft 4 or 5 episode arc worthy of Netflix.
  • The classes (or playbooks) really capture the archetypes of Urban Fantasy and are quite rich. They cover everythign from quirky funny moves to creating ancient cults to designing uber monster dicing weapons.

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Monster of the Week
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