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Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. - Savage Worlds Edition
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Publisher: Third Eye Games
by Nathan S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/15/2016 10:35:11

Seriously, I want to love it.

I think that this setting is creative and has a huge upside potential. Unfortunately, the material is extremely hard to get through. The book is poorly organized, dropping you directly into character types, races, etc. after a page of setting and mood summary. This would be fine if there were any sort of assistance such as, "If you'd like more information on the setting before reading a whole bunch of setting specific system, go to chapter 3." (Yes, my suggestion for anyone who buys it is to start by reading chapter 3.)

Beyond organization, the copy edit is bad. I understand that people have different styles of writing, but there are numerous grammatical errors and there are times that words are simply misused. For example, a line on page 109 reads "as anything that could protect against ensuing supernatural forces was rare." Ensuing is absolutely the wrong word as it places an event in a causal or chronological structure. The author uses it to mean something more like "encroaching" or perhaps "overwhelming." While this may seem a bit nitpicky at first, it becomes less so when one realizes that either word misusage or some other grammatical error occurs an average of 2 or three times a page. (See footnote 1) It isn't as if I can't figure out what is being said, but it becomes laborious to get through the material. I too often had to reread a sentence or an entire paragraph to be sure I was following what was being said.

Like I said, I want to love it. Perhaps I will love it once I've gotten the material under my belt. It seems like the perfect setting for me to run one-shot sessions on the weeks that we don't have our entire crew available to play our long-running "epic" campaign. I just regret that I have to struggle to read what is obviously creative and useful material that simply needed more careful editing.

footnote 1: On page 109 alone there are at least two more grammatical errors. A paragraph after the misusage of "ensuing" we are given an incomplete sentence; "For huanity's safety, of course." Two paragraphs after that a comma is misused in the sentence "Despite API’s best, memory-erasing efforts, some people are exposed to the supernatural world."

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Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. - Savage Worlds Edition
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