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Secrets of the Chi War (Feng Shui 2E) [digital] $7.95
Publisher: Atlas Games
by Matthew C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/25/2016 04:18:38

This is a fun read, and so far the only supplement for FS2 which adds new material.

There are three rough sections to the book; a more detailed look at the standard junctures, a list of additional pop-up junctures that were not included in the core book and a pre-written adventure.

The extra details on the fours base junctures plus the Netherworld is very welcome, especially the focus on specific locations. I liked the look at Chang'an in the Ancient juncture, but the most useful is probably the three locations in the Future juncture, since it's the one setting you can't research via Wikipedia. They're all in the same format as similar write-ups in the core book - why you might go there, who you could fight and where, with a list of films for inspiration.

The pop-up junctures are just as fun as they were in the core book, and presented in much the same format. I believe these were originally stretch goals during the Kickstarter, and would have been in the core book if they had been met, though I'm not certain of that. There's no sense that there are the leftovers though, as they are fun mini-settings, and it's easy to see how you could have a great scenarios dipping in to one and playing to the conceits of the period or genre. My only real issue is that there are quite a few 'modern' junctures, and I'd have liked a bit more variety.

The adventure seems serviceable, though it didn't especially grab me. It makes use of the Tokyo setting detailed in the first section of the book, has a little bit of investiagtion, obviously some fighing and some time-travel matchmaking. You might want to tweak it a bit to tie into an ongoing campaign, but then I think that's usually assumed with Feng Shui.

Overall, I enjoyed reading the book and if I do get to run FS2 later, I think this will be a very useful resource to have. I'm hoping there will be more books coming out, even if only in PDF format. There's print version of this available, and it seems unlikely that there will be , but I could see a compilation of this and a few other similar products being sold for print on demand, if there are any others published. Well worth the price.

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Secrets of the Chi War (Feng Shui 2E) [digital]
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