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Bulldogs! Fate Core Edition
Publisher: Galileo Games
by Brian T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/23/2016 17:11:41

All you need to start a rollicking sci-fi epic in FATE, using either the setting provided, or as a basis for your own adventures.

I appreciated how it gave you the building blocks to make your own races, and build on a deep, but not overly complicated system.

My only criticisim would be to echo the wish that the PDF had bookmarks in it to get to the major sections quickly.

I'm looking forward to FATE Core suppliments to this setting when they come out in PDFs, especially the Ports of Call planet book to save some time in generating additonal setting, but there's really quite a lot you can do just with this book alone.

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Bulldogs! Fate Core Edition
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