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The Telekinetic's Handbook $4.99
Publisher: Drop Dead Studios
by James E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/06/2015 19:55:59

Disclaimer: I am a Patreon backer for the campaign funding these supplements, and I paid the full price for this product. I have not been - and will not be - compensated for this review.

This book is the second release in Drop Dead Studio's supplements for the Spheres of Power system. As with all of the supplements in this series, the review below won't make a lot of sense unless you're familiar with the basic magic system. Go get that book first, THEN check these out.

Now, let's see how this book shapes up, shall we?

The Telekinetic's Handbook opens with four Archetypes for existing classes:

The Electrokinetic provides a new way to play the Elementalist (a basic SoP class), and focuses on combining the Destruction and Telekinesis spheres. Instead of feats, Electrokinetics can choose to take Stunts, Supernatural powers not available to other characters. These include things like forming blades from tiny grains of sand, gaining Blindsense to detect the electricity of other living things, and adding bonus damage to certain attacks.

The Hekatonkheires is a Symbiat archetype whose telekinesis manifests as lots of glowing arms floating in the air. These can manipulate objects and/or act as tentacle attacks, with more arms at higher levels.

The Soaring Blade is an Armorist archetype, focused on summoning equipment and then manipulating it with Telekinesis. Yes, you CAN launch giant weapons at your foes.

The Unseen Horror is a Thaumaturge archetype, and is basically what happens if you specialize in an Unseen Servant spell. Creepy unseen forces, go! Like the Electrokinetic, the Unseen Horror can swap out some of its bonus feats for thematic new abilities.

The next section focuses on player options. These include a new category of feats (Protokinesis - which is basically low-level telekinesis), as well as various ways to enhance the Telekinesis Sphere. You can walk on walls and ceilings as if they were "down", create items of force instead of matter, get an extra limb of force, or even create a telekinetic exoskeleton offering various bonuses. Very fun.

The section after this is Basic Magic, the main focus of the book - new Talents for the Telekinesis sphere that players can choose from. Options here include things like tossing items at foes faster, call objects to your hand, tether objects together, or even change the gravity of the area.

As with most Spheres abilities, the powers here offer a balance of utility and flavor.

Following the main draw is a section on Advanced Magic (Spheres' higher-level powers). As usual, this is shorter, but it does offer potent abilities like dispersing damage, suffocating targets, and pinning things in place so they can't move. There are also a number of Rituals and Incantations, offering various high-level effects for those who can manage to pull them off.

To wrap up the main section of the book, we've got a few new pieces of Equipment, including new special materials, new magical item properties, and a couple of new items.

The last part of the book is more of a commentary section than anything else, clarifying how Telekinesis is meant to work and offering rules notes for your GM to reference.

Overall, this is an invaluable supplement for anyone who wants to play a Telekinetic character in the Spheres of Power system. There's enough expansion material here to let you completely specialize in that sphere, or simply dip into it for a few more creative options. Either way, if you're going to use the Telekinesis sphere in a game, you're not going to regret picking this up.

Also, this is exactly what I like to see in a supplement - it gives creative new options and offers a little bit of everything for everyone while still having enough content to make the purchase worth it. I definitely see myself making use of this product in the near future.

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The Telekinetic's Handbook
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