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ICONS: Flight of the Nova-1 $5.00
Publisher: Ad Infinitum Adventures
by Stephen D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/12/2015 23:24:26

Back in 2012 I bought and reviewed "Flight". It was the first ICONS product that I didn't like since to me it came across as not much of an adventure. In fact, in my opinion it was little more than 2 unrelated encounters. However, my kids have recently been asking me to run a role-play adventure with them. (It's been over a year since we last played.) I went to RPGdrivethru reviewed my old purchases, and was surprised this campaign had been updated. I love the changes and now it is a perfect adventure for me and my kids. It now has everything I found lacking in the first edition-- a plot with investigation, multiple challenges, twists, etc. Thanks Dan for the update (really major revisions).

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ICONS: Flight of the Nova-1
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