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Mini Quest: Sword of the Archon Pay What You Want
Publisher: One Shot RPG
by Sa A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/09/2015 00:10:08

The miniquest was well-written, once I got used to the way it was visually arranged. It offers options for the players on how they want to resolve/address a challenge, something I always value because it increases the feel of autonomy for the players and feels less like I am leading them by the nose, something I really appreciate in a canned adventure. I found this adventure easy to beef up or pare down as well. My favourite sessions have traps, logic puzzles and combat in them, and in a way this has all three too. Each stage kind of automatically leads to the next, so it almost seems like the challenge is watered down and success is guaranteed unless the threat of the shadow points feels real to the players.

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Mini Quest: Sword of the Archon
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