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The ALGERNON Files Deluxe Edition: Alphamech $1.99
Publisher: Wordmonkey Studios
by Dominique S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/01/2015 11:13:57

Alpamech is the latest release in Word Monkey Studios ALGERNON Files Deluxe Edition line of releases. As with previous entries in the line, we get the standard entries covering his backstory/origin, personality, goals, powers/abilities, and sections with advise on integrating him into an ongoing game. Sidebars on some of the many companies, (namely the ones who had a hand in constructing Alphmech), populating the Algernon Files universe.

Alphmech is a robot housing the consciousness of a former Marine Corps officer, created using reverse engineered alien tech. Due to certain unforeseen circumstances, such as the meddling of a hi-tech criminal organization, he's now trapped in this robotic body, and has a mad on for those he feels responsible for his current situation. He's literally on a warpath to make them pay, destroying any and all who get in his way. Equipped with a wide range of exotic weapons systems and coming in at PL12, he's more than capable of dishing out damage to any heroes who cross his path. His defense ensure he can take a beating just as well as he can dish it out.

I like this guy, he's a tank, but a smart one. He uses his brain as much as his brawn. And if characters do a little digging, they'll find out there's more to him than just some crazed robot out to tear up the countryside.

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The ALGERNON Files Deluxe Edition: Alphamech
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