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SLIP • A World of Adventure for Fate Core Pay What You Want
Publisher: Evil Hat Productions, LLC
by Jacob P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/26/2015 13:58:55

Basically it is...well, its not all that basic, really. The earth is being invaded by horrors from beyond the universe(or something), and you characters play the folks who try and stop that. You can have special powers related to moving between realities and otherworldly knowledge, though you don't need to take them. It reminds me a great deal of Nightbane(or Nightspawn to you Palladium purists out there), only without the Nightbane. I think it would be fun to add in some conspiracy stuff from eagle eyes and maybe add in some powers or abilities from a few other Fate add-ons and make a really bizarre game of weirdness and horror. As it stands this is a really solid game and I recommend it.

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SLIP • A World of Adventure for Fate Core
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