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Winter Eternal
Publisher: Just Insert Imagination
by Timothy B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/12/2015 16:38:17

Winter Eternal provides details for a unique fantasy world that reminds me a bit of a mashup between Dark Sun and steampunk placed in the most bitter cold, rather than the scorching sun. The book doesn't try to add a lot of new mechanics to Savage Worlds, so most of its pages are dedicated to describing the continent of Ehlerrac (the campaign setting for Winter Eternal). The sun died out, leaving a mere ghost of its former self, long ago. If it weren't for magic, life would have gone extinct hundreds of years earlier. Instead, life is clustered around a handful of cities, kept (relatively) warm through magic. The settlements are detailed with places of interest, important NPCs, political factions, and history. The ability to harness power from the crystal remnants from the exploded sun has given birth to steampunk-like technology. For example, heavy suits that keep their wearers warm allow exploration beyond the cities.

After reading through the book, it struck me that I wasn't clear on where conflict would come from. I can certainly come up with ideas of my own, but most of the conflict is hinted at in the book. There are secret machinations within some of the cities, for example. There are monsters in the cold, readying for an assault on the settlements. There are lost artifacts in the frozen cities of antiquity, but there are dangers lurking in these ice-covered cities. There's enough here to build adventures and even campaigns, but it will require an investment in time and imagination on the part of the GM. You can now get started more quickly thanks to the free one sheet adventures that the author has released. Be sure to check them out if you want to dive in right away and get a feel for the kind of stories that can be told in Ehlerrac.

Having compared the earlier version of this book to its more recent revision, I appreciate that the author listened to early feedback and updated the art. The new art is an improvement and the pieces are more cohesive. The layout of the book is easy to read and easy to navigate.

If you're looking for a fantasy setting with a touch of steampunk and a large helping of post-apocalyptic fun, Winter Eternal is worth its more-than-reasonable price. Check it out, and brave the icy world beneath its dead sun.

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Winter Eternal
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