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OVA: The Anime Role-Playing Game $15.00
Publisher: Wise Turtle Publishing
by Ian F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/04/2015 22:13:31

I bought this looking for a successor to the classic (but flawed) RPG, Big Eyes Small Mouth. This is not only a spiritual successor, but a vast improvement in general on anime role-playing. From the moment you boot up the .pdf, you're going to want a print version of this book (sadly not available at this time). The system is simple, easy and fun, with character creation not hindered by complicated balance mechanisms. I could use this to simulate Akira, Dragonball Z, or almost any project I want to make.

Every person I have shown this game to has walked away not only impressed by the game, but eager to play it and buy a copy. If you are looking for a rules lite system that's more complex than RISUS but less complex than Fate, this is your baby. I would stress that game is not limited exclusively to anime - you can easily play a wide variety of game styles in the system. As well, if you've read some of the creator's posts in his resident forums, there are very thoughtful design decisions in the game mechanics.

Summary. Fast character creation. Character modelling options unseen since Marvel Super Heroes from TSR. Fast, quick action resolution. Fun, meaningful conflict/combat options. Well illustrated (in anime style). Well written, with reasonable flow in the book. For $15 for the .pdf, you're not likely to regret your purchase.

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OVA: The Anime Role-Playing Game
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