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Vampire: The Requiem
Publisher: White Wolf
by Andrew P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/29/2015 08:27:06

Excellent update to the original Requiem. Much more flavor and enhanced rules. The change to mechanics was not so great that it's unrecognizable, but many "trouble" areas were streamlined. I especially like how most experience is earned via roleplaying your character, backed up with clear mechanics to insure that there's no arguing over when players have earned it.

I only have two knocks against this product.

One, the inclusion of Conditions. While not necessarily a bad thing, with a list of 40 unique conditions, I foresee having to create a cheat sheet or buy the card set. Anything that slows down play bothers me. Yes, conditions are an important part of earning XP, but surely the list of 40 could have been trimmed down to a dozen or so, or at least make the mechanics between conditions similar enough that we don't have to look them up every time they come into play ala Pathfinder.

Two, and the BIG one, is that the original Requiem would have been rated PG-13 in my opinion. This one is most definitely rated R. Multiple uses of the F-word in jarring ways in flavor text, as well as the two C's, which I've only until this time seen used when describing pornography. I would not have purchased this product if I had known about this ahead of time. I try to keep my RPG collection mostly family friendly, and while the original Requiem was on the edge, this version is most definitely not an RPG my children will see. When they get old enough to read and reach the top shelf, I'm selling this.

4/5 for rules update and layout. Conditions loses a star for adding a layer of complexity that didn't exist before.

Another whole star removed for the jarring language that came out of nowhere. We get it. Vampires are predators who live in a world of darkness. But surely it's possible to describe that in some way other than "F or be F-ed".

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Vampire: The Requiem
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