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Publisher: Blue Boxer Rebellion
by Alastair M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/26/2015 04:47:26

Given the very limited quantity of sample monsters (only six) in the "Dungeonteller Fantasy RPG" rulebook, this is an essential adjunct to that game, providing a good selection of typical fantasy RPG monster-types. Not all are quite what you'd expect however, as there are some pleasing variations, such as the rather more folklorish Goblins, who appear in somewhat shadowy, vaguely animal-like, forms, or the scarlet-skinned Orcs, creatures only summonable from another dimension for short periods (we discover why in the subsequent "MonsterMore" Dungeonteller book!).

There are some "delightful" additions too. For instance, Crypt Worms feed on subterranean corpses, then pupate into blood-sucking Deaths-Head Moths. Said Moths love to flock to light sources underground, thus making both creatures low-level irritants for dungeoneering parties, but with a workable life-cycle that also makes sense. My favourites though are the near-science-fiction/steampunk Gnomes, looking a little like fantasy-variant "Grey" aliens using high-tech gear, such as suits in which they can pass through solid rock as if it were pudding.

Every monster is attractively illustrated in colour, described briefly, and fully statted for "Dungeonteller", the images in Blue Boxer's usual bright, lively, cartoony style. The PDF benefits from being printed out on best-quality paper at the highest standard you can manage, if using a home inkjet, as a "normal" printout on standard paper will be quite washed-out and pale otherwise.

As ever, it's easy to think of more monsters which could have been added here. It's a particular curiosity that the earlier prototypes of both the rule and monster books, still (August 2015) available on the Blue Boxer Rebellion blog as free PDF downloads, contained notably more creatures than are provided here, including several types of "normal" animal (none of which feature in this book). There are some stranger omissions too - like the Lich, and the Ice Troll (as the Cave and Water Troll variants did both make the cut into this volume). Conversely, there are also quite a number of unstatted monsters, and some which didn't feature at all, in the earlier monster text which have appeared in this final work. Maybe some of the "missing" will feature in future Dungeonteller products, perhaps most likely the Lich, but monsters such as the Wolfbat (earlier text-only rules) would get my vote too!

Overall, a splendid product.

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Dungeonteller Monster book
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