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The Fallen World Chronicle Anthology $2.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by manuel h. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/24/2015 14:27:06

I am not too familiar with Mage Awakening. I read the core book (1st edition) and bought this anthology to get a better feeling for the setting. While some stories were a bit confusing, all in all this book gives decent impressions of Mage Awakening.

Some comments on specific stories: The Hanged Woman is about a character trying to cope with a murder. It was a bit weird, not the type of stories I usually read. Open Carry and The Intruder were good for starting, they give an idea, what mages are capable of and how they do it. Crimson Lips - this one a liked very much, for an interesting antagonist. Obedience is written from the perspective of the Seers, which are typically antagonists. It is always good to have such a story, where perspectives are changed. The Storyteller - I simply agree with the other reviews, great story! The Unmurdered Man was rather complicated, many changes of view and I guess, it would help to know more about the setting for this story. The Wheel is written in a style reminding me of Lovecraft's short stories. Imaginary Skin has actually a quite interesting plot, maybe it is a bit too short, some more explanations might help. Custody Battle is about a conflict between two mages, influencing a trial. This is the type of stories I expected (and hoped) to read, it gives ideas for plots and how mages could pursue their aims. The Tahmanawis Stick is another cool story about creepy things in the wilderness. The Human Heart finally is a two-page story about a interacting with the Abyss.

The stories cover a broad range of topics and settings. Most stories are well written, although some could be better.

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The Fallen World Chronicle Anthology
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