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Adventures on Dungeon Planet $7.00
Publisher: Red Box Vancouver
by Bill H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/23/2015 14:20:05

I am glad I purchased this. After falling in love with Dungeon World, I picked up this supplement. At first glance, this is a well done science fiction adaption of the Dungeon World rules. In addition, it is a testament to the flexibility and adaptability of the Apocalypse World/Dungeon World core rule base. As I started to dig in, I realized the author referring to things like "Science Fantasy" instead of science fiction and was blown away when I realized that this is meant to be added on to Dungeon World. Although, there is enough here that you can play just with the material in this book, your games will be fuller and more enriched if you include it all. Most of my Science Fiction comes from Isaac Asimov and Piers Anthony and this fit right in. I had wonderful images of a robot, mutant, dwarven cleric and a human bard exploring a Byzanium mine on an alien world in search of The Eternal Gauntlet all while worried if they could get it before the violent sand storms on the surface buried their ship. The Game Master (GM) section on world building is rich in giving you ideas of strange new worlds to take the party too.

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Adventures on Dungeon Planet
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