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Peril in Freeport (Pathfinder) $19.95 $5.00
Publisher: Adamant Entertainment
by JK R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/02/2015 02:29:53

An excellent set of five linked adventures set in the city of Freeport and all on obviously nautical themes. The adventures will work just as well in any seaport - specific details relevant to Freeport are included, but are easy to modify to suit any other setting. The scenarios are set up to allow PCs a good deal of freedom in how to resolve them, and, while they are linked, they don't have to be run consecutively. (OTOH, they are all scaled for 6th to 8th level characters, so you won't want to leave too long between them).

The nautical theme works well, with shipwrecks, slave traders, giant squid, and even a tavern brawl to keep the players entertained and active. It can be run straight through as an action piece, but there's also plenty of opportunity for roleplaying for those who want it. All in all, a very good set of adventures.

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Peril in Freeport (Pathfinder)
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