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Publisher: Four-Color FAE
by Steven W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/24/2015 14:57:11

This is a free product, and therefore my expectations were minimal. It has no art, basic formatting and no bells and whistles. And that is fine by me.

What it does have is well thought out advice on using Fate Accelerated to run a superhero game, including advice on power stunts, powers as permissions, and several optional rules to give you a bit more mechanical leverage to run the game.

The only downside is that each section of the writing is printed on a separate page, so most pages are 50-75% blank space. Condensed, this could've been a zippy little 10 page print out to add to your GM bag.

Still, I think it was well worth the time it took to read it and the ink it took to print it. I will use ideas I got from here to run games.

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Four-Color FAE
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