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12TM: Bloodlines--Savaged edition
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Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment
by Dan H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/19/2015 18:27:59

This is one of the two or three best FRP adventure products I have ever seen. The PCs must unravel mysteries only to discover new mysteries within as they play through three closely related adventures in only 36 hours (in-game time) of frantic activity. (Out-of-game time to complete the adventures I would estimate at 15-20 hours of play.) The plot twists are delightful and unexpected. It is everything a GM could want for either our-of-the-box play or incorporation into an existing campaign.

Up to 6 player characters, who can be from any walk of life, become drawn into a tale of ghosts, spells, murder, an evil cult, hostile law enforcement, "Men in Black", and a hidden treasure -- but the players don't know any of that at the start. All they know is that they are participants in a geocaching contest. Discovering what is really going on is part of the adventure.

Personal Notes: the "Men in Black" don't fit my campaign, so I am leaving them out. I can see why they were added, but I think the adventure is as good without them Also, I use a home-grown system and haven't found conversion from Savage Worlds to be at all difficult.

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12TM: Bloodlines--Savaged edition
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