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Space Opera Passenger Generator - Space Opera Support #1 $1.50
Publisher: Polgarus Games
by Jim C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/28/2006 00:00:00

There is not much specific to space opera about this collection of tables - they could be used as a Pulp Passenger Generator without change, or a Jack Vance Passenger Generator merely by substituting tables of skin conditions and hats for the tables of eye colour and clothes.

The tables generate a random group of passengers to travel on a ship (the PCs', or it could be the ship that the PCs also board as passengers for their own reasons), with a mundane reason or excuse for travel and (at the GM's option) a Complication, such as a passenger dying on the trip or trying to hijack the ship. There are also useful subtables to each Complication - the passenger might not really be dead, or might try to hijack the ship out of desperation. Many of the results are very brief, to the point of only single keywords that a GM can interpret in different ways.

The appearance of passengers is pretty generically human, not to say 20th century, but as mentioned this is probably the easiest part of the system to swap out for a table customised to the campaign.

There's not much to say about the pre-generated passenger groups: they provide a useful example of the use and interpretation of the system without standing out in themselves.

The product is listed as d20 rules, but contains no d20 stats that I could see (passengers are not given combat stats of any kind). I'm not entirely sure why it needs the Open Game Licence.

EDIT: Received an updated version: The new format looks very nice, now includes a cover, and refers to a series of Space Opera Support products. There are a couple of added tables.

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Creator Reply:
Jim, thanks for your comments. You are right about it not needing to be labelled d20 (which I've now changed). It does need to include the OGL however, as it references material from two existing OGL products.
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Space Opera Passenger Generator - Space Opera Support #1
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